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Saturday, June 7

Oh my.. It's saturday already!

In response to Chen Yining's post, about YOU, CHEN YINING, flying off to the ever so wonderful Hong Kong, I WILL NOT MISS YOU MMMKAY? but I'll definitely have that much fun without you going, "spwachieee~".

The term test week was Ok for me, 50-50 I guess.. *groans*.. It makes me boil just thinking of it. HAPPY thoughts from now on.. ... ... until Monday, where I have to start on my assignments again. Let us all thank the education system in Singapore!

Went to Sentosa straight after the last paper yesterday. But literally slacked at ky's house, with all of our limbs sucked onto the floor, watching TV, and Tekai falling asleep on the bed, before we headed to Harbourfront to meet the others. Sentosa was fun!, as always, hahaha.. Dinner at Plaza Singapura was also fun. Crapped like idiots after that. And guess who I met? It's v-rutan aka Tan "You can go your own way" Ruo Yu! I thought I recognized that face of his. haha.

I rolled, crawled, walk, jog, ran out of my bed, very early in the morning (7am), just to get myself landed in the ever so far land of Khatib, for volunteering in the kayaking event. The weather wasn't really cooperating with us, thus, we couldn't get out onto the waters for a little warming up. Lunch was good! A whole big plate of rice and sides, at only $2.70, and it was really nice! So worth every cent. back to the event.. The whole thing went well! Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the youths! Though they looked damn tired from the whole afternoon of activities, I could tell they really enjoyed themselves.. Hope they'll be good from now on.. I'm so happy with today!

Dinner tonight SUCKED! New York Pizza at Khatib SUCKS! We paid so much for that miserable piece of pizza with toppings which can only fill up 1/4 of that slice of pizza.. Bloody hell, I feel damn cheated.. ARGH! Bussed back after that..

I'm tired.. I haven't been sleeping well for almost 2 weeks. Now that exams are over, and it's the beginning of the term break, I shall sleep a little earlier, and wake up a little later, but I'd still do my work.








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