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Time For a Change!
Wednesday, June 11

What a boring midweek.

I was planning to start on my DSAG assignment, but it was unsuccessful, because I had no idea how to begin. Law assignment isn't helping much either, it is as tough.

On a lighter note, I've got myself a new blog skin after how many years with that old one? I think since either Sec.4, or shortly after Sec.4. I can't really remember, all I know is that I've used that skin for quite some time. But I really like this new skin! I like it simple, not too complicating.. It's nice! 8)

Went to catch a movie with Kok Yong and Tekai yesterday, "Kung Fu Panda". It's really nice! More than what I initially expected. I had such a great laugh.. It was the first move I caught since the leap years. Wandered around the streets of Orchard Road after that. I enjoyed my day really. It was nice getting out of the house after being cooped up at home for days. I'm planning to catch "Sex & The City" soon. Can everyone please turn 18 now? There's no one i can watch with in my clique other than ky! zz..

I'm going to head down to school tomorrow, to get my assignments done, hopefully, with the help of the ever so kind Melinda. Haha.

I ate really a lot tonight. geez.. I was walking on the streets earlier on, while both my knees nearly gave way. damn..

Time for me to get some sleep, or at least, take time off from my dearest computer! My eyes are failing me.. gosh.








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