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tragic, tired, achievement.
Wednesday, June 25

So many bloody assignments to continue doing when it's only the first week of the new term. I've only started typing out my law assignment (but I've been researching), I've just submitted one irritating assignment - DSAG, but there's more to come like bloody OOAD which i really think it will be a killer. zz.. Assignments after assignments, I really start to wonder what block teaching will be like next semester. I dread.

It's like cui diao de lor..

Rock Climbing clinic today was disastrous. It's either my arms and legs too short, or the wall too difficult for us noobs to climb. That's right, when I say noobs, I really mean nooooobs.. It's the first time I actually climbed a wall since primary 5. Yeah, go figure, do the maths and laugh all you want. But I've already come up with a diabolical scheme which may just benefit me a lot of Saturday. Hoho..

Achievement of the day:
Yours truly, gey kiang, went to run, yes RUN, 400m (1 round on the track), to ACCOMPANY Yining out of good will. Yup. It's a good start. I ran the whole round without actually stopping. But I knew i couldn't handle more than that, so I stopped. Well, it has been 2 years since i actually ran on a constant basis. Secondary school mass run felt like torture, but come to think of it, it really does help a lot.

My arms are aching now, I can't imagine tomorrow. I also think my legs would hurt a little, more of the knees i guess. zz. Age catching up with me, and yeah, I'm only 18. Age is finally catching up with Yining too. Her knees are failing her as well. gosh..

I've totally got no time for leisure at all. I've been rejecting Wei Hao's offer on blading which I miss a lot. But I'm definitely going to kayak next Saturday, HOPEFULLY it'll be successful. zzz.







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