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After more than a year.
Wednesday, July 30

Finally, after more than a year, we have another C161 class photo. The last class photo was our very first presentation which was IISO back in the freshie days. So yeah. Hopefully there's more to come, or at least, a couple more photos before this semester ends since we might, or high chance not be together again for the next semester.

Goodbyeeee Mr. Lawrence Goh. You will be missed. Good luck have fun in China. Please do not eat in labs, eat outside if you want, but we will catch you eating in the lab SOMEDAY. You'll survive without MSN for this lab, so there's no need for it, ya? =)

CMSK presentation today was alright I guess, though I wasn't able to complete my last 3 points as I already hit the 4 minute mark, and I didn't want to jeopardize the group's mark by biting more than what I can chew. So I practically ended by, "... so that we can expand our product to different local companies... *DINGDING* ... ya so I'll pass it back to Melinda to conclude about our product... (scrolling pass my last 3 points as I said that.)" =.= wanted to continue, but didn't want to take the risk. At least Miss Tina said mine was elaborate enough. Oh well.. Oh and we wore the stupid full formal wear for that miserable 4 minutes of fame.

I finally drank coffee after like forever, and I enjoyed every sip of it. Well, I have been sober for weeks. Haha..







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