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Friday, July 4


Sometimes, it doesn't pay to be kind. You want to help, but the person you're helping is always asking for more than what they can chew.

Once incident, I was out with my friends, doing some work in Starbucks at The Cathay, when this ang-moh guy came to ask us for help. Thinking it was some minor issue, I went to help him together with 1 of my friends. After helping him with some issues, it didn't end there, he continued to ask us to help him do things. My friends and I felt that he was making use of us indirectly by saying he doesn't know how to do this or that. He claimed that he was a student doing a video of something for something which I forgot. Since he's a student, why can't he even try out the program on his own? He even asked us to help him with simple things like choosing and deleting pictures. I got kinda sick of him asking us to do his stuff, so I pretended to not know what to do, and told him that I can't help him. Well, I had no choice but to do so, because I had my own work to do, and I wasted 2 hours doing his stuff. He went on looking for many other people to "help" him.

Another incident, which I believe many has experienced before, school work. We share some of our answers with one another. What you give me, I'll return by giving what you need help in. But one thing that really made me pissed off was that, the person you help, didn't even make an effort to change the content at all. So it seems that the teacher asked you to change to the same topic as mine, so it's right for me to help you, and pass to you my draft to take a look. But wtf man. Can you freaking make an effort to bloody change the content? We confronted you about the issue, even the teacher did. And you try to make your way through the narrow lines, hoping to escape telling us the truth? C'mon man.. We could tell that there wasn't any effort made, not even the slightest effort. Your report and my report, it's EXACTLY THE SAME! You bloody copied word for word, and just adding a few lines here and there! Because of your stupid laziness, YOU caused me to fail my freaking report when I could've passed it! Fine, you refuse to tell me what happen, I'll refuse to help you again. Piss off!

Kids, this is why you shouldn't be too kind and help some other person in need, be it your friend or stranger. Do think twice, or if there's a need, think thrice before helping. I've been too kind to certain people, and because of he/she's plain laziness, I have been taken advantage of, causing me to fail my report when it's not even my fault.







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