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strange day..
Friday, July 11

I was taking the escalator down to the MRT platform, I saw the train doors open, so I asked Tekai whether he wanted to go for it, so we picked up speed, and walked towards the door. When I entered, I turned around, and ZOMGWTFBBQ? Why is Tekai outside?! He missed the train. And his face was priceless. I was laughing to myself in the train, I couldn't control it. The doors closed damn quickly, he didn't have the time to react. haha.

The worst thing was, I heard the announcement made through the speakers, "Next stop, Little India."

What the hell? Shouldn't it be Clark Quay? I then thought to myself. Did we come from Outram or Dhoby Ghaut? I looked at the map and went, DAMN IT! Apparently, we were at Dhoby Ghaut. *Cue embarrassed cum funny scene.* I guess we both were too drained from all the assignments, and the nap on the bus was too good, we forgot where we were. Tekai eventually noticed it as well. And he found the incident funny too. He even knew about his face.

He declared his 2008 birthday to be the weirdest day in his life ever. Blame it on his birthday.

I actually thought we were at Outram Park, but it turns out that we were at Dhoby Ghaut. It was such a laugh..







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