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stranger things have happened
Sunday, July 27


Spot the weirdness of this picture.. lol.

I was happily surfing the www earlier on, when I saw something tiny moving at the edge of my eyes. Naturally, I turned to look at what it is, and to my horror but not so horror, it was a gecko. Real tiny one, doesn't look like those you usually see in your house. I decided to do something about it, and try to get rid of it without killing it.

Since it was on a piece of paper, I tried lifting the paper up, but it ran straight onto the table and eventually jumped onto my sister's jacket which happened to be hanging on the chair. My sister stood up to look at it. I remember going, "IT'S GONNA JUMP AGAIN! X2" and it did. It practically committed suicide by jumping off the chair, and then it landed on my sis's laptop. HAHAHA! It then jumped again onto the wires of the laptop and stayed there.

I then found a box to keep it there but the problem was getting it to enter the box. I tried to coax it to enter the box, with a ruler, yes, a ruler.. But it jumped again! and onto the laptop monitor! I asked my sis to take a picture of it, but it didn't come out too well.. So on with the catching. It then crawled slowly all over the monitor, towards the end then, JUMP! on the jacket again. LOL.

I put the box directly below the gecko. A flick of the ruler by my sis and then I went, 'WHERE DID IT GO?! X2" my sis then told me its in the box already. So I quickly "closed" the box and tried flicking it out of the window, but it didn't fall out at all. So I left it on the ledge till it walked out on its own. I then closed the window the moment it went out. HAHA.

What an experience. I felt the adrenaline rush in... ... catching a gecko. Scary but fun. You'll never know when it's gonna jump again.

Life isn't always peaceful, it needs a bit of flicking(by the ruler) too.







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