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gone with the wind
Thursday, August 21

Time check 1.21AM. Hooray! Another sleepless night. How wonderful can sleepless nights be? Joyfully splendid I suppose.

Studying has been rather fruitful, although I've only studied 1 subject out of the 4. I feel I've gotten to know DBSY a lot better, and it shalt be my best flen soon. Well, it better be my best flen, because the last thing in which I wouldn't want something to happen might happen, would be the fact that I may take a supplementary paper for Mr.DBSY. That sentence itself didn't make sense to me, did it make sense to you? Never mind about that, the main point is, I don't want to fail ANY paper. I want my holidays damn it!

So I'm prepared to spend money again, just to have coffee the whole day, and a $2 burger for dinner. Why is it always junk food when it comes to studying? Why can't I like go vegetarian for one day and eat purely vegetables (not those zai bee hoon kind) for one day (when I know I won't) and just be healthy? We shall wait till kingdom comes then. Haha..

Met Michelle Duckie Lim at the McDonald's today. Had a long catch up with her, till she went home and I went on to continue studying. Meet up soon yeah? It's been a while since I met the rest of the CO people.

Sarah somehow managed to psycho us to buy slippers online. Laugh-Out-Soft. Good news is, it's Unisex! So, Choon and Tekai can also buy! Hoho. $7 not including local shipping, is dirt cheap for authentic stuff. Well, I did some research on that brand, and I must say, they really make it sound so cheap on their website. $2.00 for the same slippers BUT in USD, and plus the fare for shipping in. So it's around there, maybe a bit more since the people need commission. Oh well, am considering getting 2, so that I won't have to go slipper/sandals shopping when I need it in the near future.

Blog block! I'll see you again until after exams, with the exception of something eventful which I must blog about.







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