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happy birthday singapore!
Sunday, August 10

Singapore's birthday, 43rd yo!

So the day was spent at home slacking in the afternoon, and at Sarah's house in during the evening till late night. It rained the moment i got to Sarah's place. Had to brave the heavy rain to and fro just to shelter the rest. I'm such a good friend right. =)

So we practically chap ji ka Sarah mum's party with her church mates. Damn funny. OH THE 2 SMALL GIRLS WERE SO CUTE! The younger one especially. Haha..

Sorry ah, lazy to rotate, but there she is. The live telecast happened to be singing the national anthem. We told her to stand and sing like what the people outside the room were doing, and she did! She even sang without knowing what she's singing. Haha! and she's only around 2 years old. She's damn smart I tellew..

And here's a picture of her, not wanting to go home, and wants to stay with Kok Yong korkor~ It was damn funny. It's like ky can bring her home and keep her. Awww~

So anyway, we wii-ed. Funny but fun. I had to avoid all the heaty food as much as I could, due to my freaking big ulcer in my mouth. Drank a bit of absolut ruby, then it was cards all the way. hahaha.. standard.. So I went home. Ky gave me my pay, so I'm $50 richer. =.=

I need a job. zzz







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