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I'm back!
Friday, August 8

Greetings my dear friends. Your favorite idol is back in town, and wants to wish you a happy Beijing Olympics 2008, and an advanced Happy National Day 2008!

So I've been touring around the world, been really really busy with all the gigs I had to go. I must say, I LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD! The fans were too great, so great that they all welcomed me with open arms, giant squids and big hairy spiders. The world is such a brilliant place yeah? Hehe.

Apart from all the wonderful gigs I've attended, I was also busy with my assignments. Been trying to complete all the assignments during my breaks, and while being on the road to the next stop in my world tour. The assignments were a killer. Staying up till late nights just to try to complete them, I didn't even have the time to rest up before my concert!

So I've finally cleared most of them, and left with 1 more to go. I can finally get a good day rest, rejuvenate my energy, and then I can be at my best for my next concert, at the town of CMSK. Life's great huh.

Oh and I got really pissed today with the management crew today at the backstage. I woke up so bloody early, when I slept so bloody late, just to do sound check (submit my law assignment) but it lasted only half an hour. Blah.. I went back to sleep till early afternoon, and that felt really great.

So to all loyal fans out there. If you believe every word I've said about the world tour and stuff, well good for you! Because none of it is real! heeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...








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