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Thursday, August 28

its over. or is it? 8)

well, i'm back! exams were alright i guess, but i'll probably have to do 1 supplementary paper. the paper itself was so difficult. that's not all. the examination room was freezing cold. i then asked 1 of the invigilators whether it was possible to increase the temperature, by that i mean, make the room warmer.

yining just called to bug me to go over to macs WHEN I'VE HAD ALL MY PAPERS ALREADY. there's really no need for me to head down since i don't need to study. but oh well. they miss me already. its alright. they're my loyal fans i shall go to make them happy.

as i was saying. i asked the invigilator to increase the temperature. i guess he must have heard me wrongly or something, cos he said, "is it too warm or too cold?" or maybe he said "to warm or to cold?" IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE. ok so i figured, maybe he heard me wrongly. so i told him, nevermind then. i quickly but unsurely, finished up my work and got my cold freezing ass out of the room. fwah..

so now i await the scary news to pop out of my phone. zzz..

i can now go on a dieting scheme since my exams have ended. i've been stuffing macdonald's into my body for 2 weeks. imagine the amount of fat accumulated. oh i really do need a job. i'm broke. and i need moneyyyyyyyyyyy..

to all loyal fans of the rockstar, yours truly, i'm starting up a donation to help support the poor little girl, chan jing yi, who tragically got robbed of her very last 50cents. please donate generously, your help is very much appreciated.







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