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pain in the ass
Monday, August 18

It's such a pain in the ass to get such a painful headache for the whole day. I didn't manage to study much because of this, and I've only read through 1 page of my notes. Pathetic but yes. I tried taking a break from the laptop, I've tried lying on the bed, I've even tried resting on the couch. Nothing worked, the pain was still there.

I had grapes earlier in the day, and I actually thought I was high on grapes. But I guess not, since it never happened to me before after eating grapes. A while later, I was rolling about on the floor during which, I heard a faint call from my mum. It felt as if I was about to pass out. The next thing I know, my mum was standing beside me looking as I continue to roll about on the ground. Tears started to appear as the pain slowly engulfs me.

My mum then offered Panadol, which I refused as I've never been a fan of Panadol and I didn't want to be too dependent on aspirin. She then gave me another remedy which always worked on her. She said, "Drink some English tea, I think the reason why you're having such a bad headache is because your body is lacking of nicotine."

Wah-wait! NICOTINE? Shouldn't it be caffeine? But my brain then says aiya heck, just gimme the damn "nicotine". So I asked if coffee would work and she said yes. so yeay! I went into the kitchen to get myself some coffee. I stood on the stool, the pain was so unbearable, I felt as if I was about to puke. So I got down, and asked my mum to get it for me. I then made myself a cup of coffee, drank it up along with some bread to go, and voila~ I'm almost fine now. Though still a bit giddy from that horrible ordeal.

It's amazing to know how well this remedy works. I guess I'm high on "nicotine" now. hahaha. More like coffee. No coffee = bad headaches. So I guess more coffee from now on? Then can become kopi-soh.







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