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High School Challenge
Friday, September 26

Was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier on, and the topic they talked about was The High School Challenge. It was about changing the world bit by bit, starting off with the students.

American kids, leading tough lives and going to school with heavy baggages, but keeping it all to themselves. They face problems like racism, family issues, getting bullied, teenage pregnancy and many more. Someone knew that this had to be changed, and someone was clever enough to create The High School Challenge.

Well I forgot the name of the person who created this, but I'll just elaborate more on the program itself. The students of Monroe High School was called in to gather as a big group. Most of these students may not know each other, some have never even bothered to gain acquaintance with one another. The group is then split into smaller groups, to tell each other more about themselves. They start off by saying, "If you really knew me... "

They start off by saying out the basics, like their own feelings on minor events, but slowly moves on to more personal stories deep down inside of them. If you watched this episode of Oprah, you could really see how emotional, and troubled these students are. The more they say out, the more emotional they get. Of course, this program teaches this students how to break the walls between one another, such as being in a different race. More importantly, they're taught on how to listen to their friends, and understand how they really feel.

This was a powerful episode. I was so impressed on how well this program works. Everything changed instantaneously. Those who teased the fat, those who were racist, those who called one another hurtful names, those who bullied, all apologized to each other sincerely, and gave each and everyone a big hug.

Through this program, they've learnt how to give love regardless of your race, your nationality, your size your shape, the way you speak, the way you walk, and everything about you. Through this program, "enemies" turn into friends.

I can never describe everything in detail. You just have to see it yourself.

I wonder, what if the schools of Singapore adopted this method of changing lives, would everything be changed for the better? It sure touched me.. I should just try this method on some people I know, and see what happens.

Waiting on the world to change, give love to one another. Listen and understand what your friends feel. Someday, the world will change. \m/_







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