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Seng Kang Pri.
Thursday, September 18

Went down to SKPS to assist in teaching skating. it was my first try in coaching, and i did enjoy it. the kids were great! it was really fun interacting with them.. haha.. everyone was great, but there was this one girl i didn't like. tsk.. so pompous, know how to skate so what.. there wasn't a need to boss around..

anyways.. it was quite easy locating where the school was, considering the fact that it was only my second time going to seng kang.. google map did help.. haha..

am considering not continuing that 'job'.. since it's so bo hua.. after listening to what that guy said on how i was gonna get paid etc, i felt kinda cheated. instructors to be will have to go on job training for 20 sessions, but dont get paid.. like what the hell, but that's not stated on the site which they posted about the job offer.

"You have been actively engaged in some sports, you are a skater or are interested in picking up skating and getting paid for it."

"You learn while you earn."

Somehow means, or at least indirectly means, you get paid even with training right? So, I might as well just get a proper job.. I dont deny that i do enjoy interacting with the kids etc, but I'll have to travel to places like seng kang, and even bukit batok.. places like ecp and tampines won't be a problem for me.. but sk and bb or maybe somewhere i dont know of? a bit too much just for that couple of hours of session.








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