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Tuesday, September 30

no driving till october 15.. hurhurr...............=(=(=(.............. now i have no choice but to do more housework since i got nothing to do.

spore creature is a nice game to play.. cute cute fun fun! though i very much wanted my kirby super stars ultra.. stupid zip file corrupted..

let's play cluedo shall we? it has been a while since i last played cluedo here! so the story goes, i took out a pair of nice pants from Esprit, oh so comfy pair of pants.. i intended to wear it out, to go driving lessons and maybe somewhere else after that. but before i put it on, i noticed something. something so nasty, i had a shock of my freaking 18 year old life. there was a hole. no, not any ordinary hole or something.. its a VERY big hole. not on the seam, but ON THE FABRIC ITSELF.

my heart crashed. one of my favourite pair of pants, gone just like that. adding on to my crashed heart, the bloody pants was from ESPRIT! who would be so ruthless to make such a big hole on an espirit pant? (on a lighter note, the pant was from Esprit outlet in hongkong. off season sale, so i got it much cheaper as compared to seasonal price. BUT STILL! T-T)

it couldn't be me who made such a big hole. i have not worn the pant for sometime now, and the only people i can think of who would either wear it or somehow destroy it, would by my sister, and the maid.. my sister always takes my stuff to wear secretly, and will nv fail to do something to it. the other time she stained my white shorts and denied doing so. she probably ripped it while pulling it out from my rack. the maid of the house, also does things rather secretly. my mum would occasionally complain to us that, whenever something spoils under her hands, she'll never say out until being asked. same for spoiling the cups. so maybe she ripped it while taking it off the hanger after it dried under the sun.

so let me ask you.. who ripped my pair of lovely esprit pants?

T-T i doubt it can be saved.. but my super mum just might be able to resurrect the pant, and heal its wounds. i'm hoping for the better.. who knows? maybe it'll turn out nicer than it was.. HAHAHA. self-consolation.







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