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Friday, September 12

rockstar is back! TBC was alright but I HATE IT COS I INJURED MY LEG! stupid.. i always have injuries on my leg whenever there's camps. i had knee problems during oltc, and now, i sprained my ankle. i missed a step in the very dark LT before nightwalk, and boom.. i was on the ground. i heard and felt something pull, but the injury doesn't seem that bad as i expected it to be.

so yah. TBC BEST EMPIRE in our hearts. LOL we got more of a best creative? most creative i should say. ah pfft. screw the titles. we all know we kicked ass.. i even ran during the amazing race with an injured leg. and its actually the longest time i've played final clash! usually with all the other experienced people, i'm one of the first few to go.. but this time, i don't know what got into me. i actually survived till final 4 in the group, and eventually got kicked out when god mode came up. oh and we kicked ass in final clash. we won! however performance night quite cui, but i wont elaborate on that. HAHA!

we... ... are the champions... ... my friends!

I NEED MY SLEEP! i'm finally back home.. my whole body is aching.. and i had a really bad headache just before breaking camp. it felt as if it was a fever, cos my forehead felt really warm. but everything got better once i got home.

i have driving tomorrow. i'm afraid that i cant wake up. how?







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