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1000 apologies.
Wednesday, October 15

I apologize for my language with regards to the previous entry. Though, I'm still pissed at CDC. I shall have a big heart and be forgiving.

Driving was 50-50 today, but hey, I did stop driving for some time.. Oh well.. I'm just gonna work hard and learn properly from now on, so that I'm prepared in case I really don't have any lessons before my practical.

Ms Xu "Abbey" Qing Ling, insisted that I went rollerblading with the rest at Pasir Ris. Once again, I got conned there AGAIN by abbey. Shan't elaborate on it, only they rest who went knows why. 8) So we chap ji ka Choon's class's BBQ. Wah piang, don't get me started on his classmates, super irritating.. And I swear, it's the first time I've seen a bbq end so early. It's like they just made history!

Anyway, we took a stroll on the mangroves during low tide, and it's like quick sand. hahaha. damn funny, but damn disgusting. So, we bladed a bit here and there, went to downtown east to settle ky's parking fine, and abbey's bbq thing, we went back to the carpark and drove to Changi Village for dinner! Nasi Lemak FTW! We went home from there. As usual, thanks ky for the ride home.

Haha, I think we all had a great laugh in the car, talking about some funny stuffs.. Oh we wanted to take a walk around BDS earlier on, but then all the lights were out.. Low Jia Perng was there, and was like, "huh?" LOL. damn funny..







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