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Wednesday, October 29

everyone do us a favour, and help sign the petition that has been circulating EVERYWHERE. it'll will do us good and it will be considered as a good deed done.


your help and fairness brings smile to everyone.. sign the petition.. NOW..

*warning, excessive use of singlish and vulgarities. please ignore if not interested.*

knn.. bloody hell RJC students.. just see what this fucking irritants said on the petition..

Junior RJC haha u guys r ignorant.. if u said u guys spend money on clothes.. u guys can save it by just buyign 2 sets of clothings and most poly students dye hair.. they can save the money by dun dying their hairs.. . In addition, poly students can save money by spending less time on shopping, buying clothes.. and go home rite after sch if u wan to save money.. Jiahao is rite.. jc school feess are damn cheap.. if u wan to enjoy paying student fare.. why nt u all come and study in jc.. lolzzz..like wat the XXXX.. this is crap.. wat u guys spend money on buying clothes.. u guys are buying excessive clothes.. and save some money by nt going to clubbing too lolzzzzzzz

Monica Chen Raffles Junior College
Oh c'mon. You guys complain at the slightest things. Just pay for whatever you have to and take it in your stride. Or else get a car and a chauffeur, like my family did.

nb try coming to tertiary and see what its like la? next time u fucking go University dont fucking complain.. oh wait, u dont need to complain, cos u freaking rich kids have freaking chauffeurs.. next time u study Uni, dont fucking buy clothes also.. oh wait u dont need to, your chauffeurs and parents can help u buy since you're so rich enough u dont have to pay and do things on your own.. ya la ya la dont dye hair la, then why do u all still dye hair and pretend its natural? where'e your short good boy hair i used to see? no more.. stupid.. u think only poly students go club, nb not all JC students like u are angels ok.. rich JC kids go club and pretend they're not. cb.. pay whatever we have to.. u think so bloody easy is it.. u think we print money mint coints ah. nb, we're not like u, use money as toilet paper lor. hire chauffeur buy car.. cb.. see how u survive out of the spoon feed world next time.. knn.. still say RJC student.. pui.. xia suay yourself nia..

its either SMRT decrease our fare, or INCREASE these fucking RJC student's transport fare.. see whether they still dare to go starbucks coffeebean "study"..







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