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series of events
Friday, October 31

today, i experienced a series of unfortunate events.

i went to meet ky at tampines, so that he could restring his racket, and then we moved on to tp to play a few rounds of badminton. we were late due to the restring of the racket. yay yay! more badminton next time!

i then headed to campus relay, and found out i was under reserve, thank god, i didn't have to run.. 8) my team got 6th place in the end, luckily i didn't have to run, cos i think i'll drag them down.. lol.. but well done to them and to the other runners as well!

i then moved on to ubi for driving lessons.. new instructor this time, and i got some really useful tips about driving.. everything was fine except for my lane changing when there's cars around.. >.< so scary.. but my instructor say, passing on your first attempt would be no kick for u. HAHAHA. he even said, with your standard like this, i think u'll be able to pass with less than 10 points. wahh i tell u, the moment i heard what he said, i just felt damn shiok.. but i can't be too confident though..

i then went home to bathe, and i was feeling super hungry already.. left house at 10.30 to send my sis off to the airport for her school trip to dunno where.. note, 10.30pm and i haven't ate dinner.. then wait for them to talk talk talk then check in here and there, then go departure hall, wait for my mum to stare at her, stare somemore, then stare and stare until my dad complain.. that was almost 11.45 already, and i haven't eaten dinner.. I WAS HUNGRY LIKE A DOG LA. i then ate popeyes, which was heavenly. ;shake1

now i'm back home. there's training tomorrow, at 8.45AM. OMG. then its walking around with the rest.. there's salomon run on sunday.. and then qing's birthday.. shit man. i gotta find time to do work tomorrow.. monday's presentation, i think i'm gonna die..







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