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Avenue Q
Wednesday, November 12

Finally, I went to catch the musical I've been waiting for.. I found myself landed strangely on Avenue Q, when I swore I parked my car right at the Esplanade. Haha.. The show was superbly and stupidly enjoyable.. Although I have to admit, I wasn't really keen in watching the Filipino cast, cos I thought the US cast was better, but that was totally overwritten once I caught it. Everyone about the age of 16 should catch this musical. It's worth it. It's not very often that Singapore approves musicals like this.. I give all my thumbs up for this show.. 8)

"If you rearrange the letters in unemployed, it spells opportunity..."

Got a chance to meet up with Miss Chen Yitian, while watching the musical... Been so long since I met up with her to crap. hahaha. Yes.. She's damn crappy.. 8) Thanks for watching the show with me.. meet up soon eh..

omgomgomg, my drving practical is just next tuesday.. I'm so damn looking forward to it.. 8D

what else..

Oh, assignments are piling up at a very fast rate.. Submission dates are drawing near too quickly as well.. I hate block teaching.. It's so stupid.. Someone just take over my duties please.. I hate my school lab.. The school's trying to freeze us alive.. I hate TP students who take bus 69 as well, they're so damn lazy, they don't know how to make use of the spaces in the bus. Is it that hard to walk up the stairs? Everyone is late, so why make others even more late? Selfish people..







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