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Sunday, November 9

i spent the whole of yesterday, doing nothing but near the waters. i kayaked in the morning, kayaked in the afternoon, and then prawning in the night.. woah.. i love the ocean.. 8)

training in the morning was... 50-50 la.. i hated the part where i had to run 1 round of bedok reservoir, but hey, i finished the round in less than 40 mins.. 39mins to be exact.. LOL.. good or bad i dunno la. all i remember was that i nearly died.. then did push ups cos some of us were late.. >.< apologies to those who weren't.. the girls did 50, the guys did 100.. zomg.. on the reservoir gravels.. imagine the pain.. zz.. ah but well.. paddling part was alright.. not too taxing. managed to do submarine.. hoho..

we then transitioned to changi. WOOO.. craved for changi for so long.. finally got to go there.. but the weather was like crap, and the waters were damn dirty.. zzz.. but we played submarine there and its damn fun.. LOL.. the waves crashing into our boats.. woo! i had a try on rolling and i failed miserably.. tekai managed to get it.. he rolled up, but then went back down the other way.. LOL.. seriously damn funny.. i shall go try again soon!!

dinner at changi is always great.. crapping and stuff was great as well.. we went to pasir ris to do prawning after that, and it was damn stupid.. =.= i think we got no luck that night, or the pond we went to was empty.. we sat and stoned there for 1.5 hours, catching nothing.. but when ky and i moved to the pond next door, luck started to come in.. we caught 4 in 1/2 an hour, which was just nice so we didn't have to split 1 prawn into 4.. -.- ahh.. 4 expensive prawns.. i couldn't believe it.. zzz..

my whole body is aching.. leg bruised, thumb cut, shoulders ache, legs ache, stomach muscle ache.. WHOLE BODY.. zzz.. time to get some work done..







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