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still sick
Saturday, November 15

seriously man.. i dont know why are always people stereotyping us poly students. this is regarding the big hoo hah about JC students and their way of birthday bashing etc. i saw these stupid people on stomp, happily commenting on how great JC students are, or at least something like that, cant be bothered with what they wrote exactly. all they could do was to flame us..

which era are they living in? not all smart people go to JCs nowadays. so what if u could get into a JC by barely scrapping through? you still wont be able to get into a reasonably good course in poly. are u still considered that great cos you're a JC student? please la.. with that A lvl cert, wont get you anywhere unless you qualify for uni. now the society talks about skills, and not how well and what method u study with.. BE MINDFUL THAT I'M NOT FLAMING JC STUDENTS. I'M FLAMING THESE IDIOTS ON STOMP. any hurtful comment is not intended.

it's not that we dont want to so called study harder to get into a JC. we did study hard. some of us got into desired courses, but some just didn't study hard enough. do we always get flamed cos of that? are poly students always "stupid" in other people's eye? generation gap leh..

PSPslim: I'm still sick.. =.=







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