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Wednesday, December 10

Happy birthday Tan Yeeeening.. hope you enjoyed your dinner and your present.. 8) and remember, don't vote! YAYYY!!

anyways.. ECSD presentation yesterday was alright.. I guess having all the functions working helped, although the design was like crap.. although murphy's law came to haunt us, everything went well i guess..dunno what's murphy's law? go google it.. lol that was what my teacher said.. oh and i'm so thankful that my group mates were like me.. we're all not over ambitious. we chose to do something simple and similar to the example we had.. haha..

written test was shit.. 12 marks question, i dont even know what to do.. =.= thanks veon for the help all the time.. hoho.. next term i shall study more. i need to repay your kindness. hahaha.. i feel so bad man.. >.<

dinner at 85 with the groupies for yeeening's birthday. ate damn a lot..

tomorrow, swen presentation.. hope all goes well.. i wont even start on my group's time slot.. so pissed with the teacher.. i shall not bother about it, and think of it as giving us more time to work on it... instead of writing nonsense.. zzz.. last day of school tomorrow for the term.. yayy..

coach was telling me that he might want to let me go cos of my problem with asthma.. he was saying its quite risky for me to stay cos the trainings will get tougher and tougher.. oh well.. i guess he's just worried for my condition, and not want anything to happen.. which is good right? zzz.. i still haven't pass recovery test yet laaaaaa..







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