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Thursday, December 4

for the elections: if you don't choose, you can't lose!

for the electives: if you don't choose you can't win!

lol the electives doesn't work the same for elections.. cos you must be a little more kiasu for now. allocation of electives will depend on choices, and timestamp.. first come first serve.. awww =( which means, i must start refreshing my page from 9.30 onwards.. i hope i get what i want..cos i assume the 2 electives i want would be 2 of the hot subjects.. aadk..

school has been boring this week.. with last minute adjustments to projects, last minute to learn the program right, last minute this last minute that.. and i've yet to start working on my presentation slides as well as revising on my lab and written tests.. bah.. this term is gonna end in a week time.. and then, another level of hell will be introduced. 9-6pm for 3 out of 4 days.. i'm so thankful there's no school on friday, if not i'll die.. zzzzzzzzzzz..

its been raining buckets, and hot like an oven for days.. rain and shine take turns to beat us.. i hate the monsoon season.. it's always such a pain.. at least its not raining consecutively for days, or am i saying this too soon? =\ blah.. i miss kayaking.. haven't been kayaking for quite sometime.. zzzzzzz... expedition soon pl0x!

i end with this picture.. so inspiring.. togo sent a representative for kayak slalom to the beijing olympics for the first time, and they went home with a bronze! 8) look at his muscles.. so disturbing.. >.<







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