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Friday, December 19

one of the apartments in Neptune court at marine parade caught fire.. quite a serious one.. thankfully no one was at home during that point of time.. no wonder i saw black smoke when i board the train at bedok yesterday.. i thought my eyes were fooling me.. please take a moment to imagine how serious the fire was.. i could actually see it from bedok..

on a really weird note, a few days ago, i dreamt of me and my brother, being part of some mass live burial.. being part as in, one of the people getting buried.. the reason of being buried alive was really weird.. something about achieving something blah blah? something political.. my brother explained to me in the dream but i forgot what he said. lol everyone there (those who were about to get buried) seemed to be very happy.. huh? all i remembered was, me looking at my mum for help, in attempt to escape the scary thing, and me being very reluctant to go through the freaking/scary process, though it supposedly marks a "significant" day in your life.. imagine u waiting to be buried alive for reasons unknown? anyway i woke up just before anything scarier could happen.. thank god..

so i made use of uncle choon teck's dream dictionary logic, and looked up "burial".. ok i don't really quite get what it means.. but i hope such dreams will not occur again.. so scary can.. i couldn't sleep after waking up cos of this stupid dream.. i had to think of fluffy cute puppies just to fall asleep again.. which by the way, are happy thoughts, so it helps u sleep. LOL







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