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the series 2
Monday, December 8

welcome back to the series of unFORTUNATE events..

this time, its the good stuff that happened over the weekends.. instead of rambling of unhappy stuffs like the previous post, i'll try to make this one as happy as possible..

changkat performance was not so impressive, but oh well, i find it a really good chance to catch up with long lost CO mates, considering the fact that i've been MIA for so long.. haha.. but i'll be MIA-ing from cc again after this concert, unless they beg me to go.. lol no la, unless there's a big concert coming up, or maybe see my mood.. dont expect to see me there.. hoho..

standard chartered marathon, all the blah blah blah complains i did previously was still crap.. but i vanna talk about the good stuff.. my group mates were all damn funny (i think i mentioned it before), all the stuff we talked about, so entertaining.. then we were dispatched to different locations, it was then i felt like a loner sitting and watching thousands of people run by..

some pictures..

the race initially was rather exciting, watching the elites run their ass off in the race, trying to out run one another.. the NSC security guard and i were guessing which country the runners were from. lol.. seeing the elites was definitely more fun than watching 10 over thousand singaporeans walk.. -.- i saw uncle steven there, he saw me and waved to me as i was about to fall asleep.. haha.. i'm so glad i didnt ignore him.. i waved back..

i almost fell asleep on so many occasions.. sitting down waiting for the runners to approach my area, sitting at the side barricade waving the flag, standing at some random spot, YES OMG, I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP STANDING.. zz. i couldn't take it anymore at one point so i just sat down on the ground.. i wanted to call zhen hui to ask if i could go back earlier, but i stuck around anyway.. i stoned while sitted, then, the very nice NSC security guard approached me and gave me and the camera man a cup of coffee, what a saviour, i really needed that cup of coffee.. he even told me to go to the toilet inside to wash my face to wake myself up. haha.. so nice.. meeting the uncle was definitely the highlights of the day.. made me smile a lot.. =)

collecting the $$ and taking the train back was good, as i know i'm one step closer to going home to sleep.. -.- upon reaching home, i chionged to bathe and slept immediately, even though my stomach was screaming in hunger.. i skipped the free lunch provided by standard chartered cos i was dead beat.. i woke up 5 hours later by my mum, asking me to have dinner. after dinner, i was still so tired, i went straigh back to sleep.. lol..

the weather today was really cold.. it felt as if singapore was having its only wintertime.. dark skies filled with clouds, the wind blowing, rain droplets slapping into your face, typical overseas feel.. but the closest country i can relate to would be genting or maybe bukit tingi.. there's school tomorrow.. which is soooo shitty.. -..-







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