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the series
Sunday, December 7

welcome back to the series of unfortunate events..

saturday, i woke up early in the morning, landed myself at changkat, only to find out that we're not going through the songs yet, we were rehearsing how to make the grand entrance. LIKE WTF? ask me go so early in the morning just to rehearse how to enter.. ball shit man..

i then left cc at lunch, and headed down to bedok reservoir for water training. training was alright.. though quite tiring.. both my knees are slightly bruised. first time that has ever occured to me. ah well.. at least the day satisfied my craving for kayaking temporarily..

i then left after bathing in school, and went back to changkat.. stupid.. at least rehearsals ON SONGS have started and it was not long after when we were waiting outside for the concert to start.. we then made our grand entrace, and played the songs.. blah.. packed stuff etc. mum brought back my erhu for me, so that i dont have to drag it around..

dinner/supper at BK was satisfying, i didnt eat a proper meal at all. shared a cab with sy, han and qy.. they dropped me at school, yes, SCHOOL. anyway thanks sy.. met dion and his friend at the school bus stop, then headed to business LT. sat there and stoned.. we then headed to padang by bus for the standard chartered marathon. so shit i tellew.. bloody hot.. got our stuff, changed, walked on mud.. sat under the fan, played games, made hell lot of noise for a small group..

we then made our way by bus to east coast park. freaking idiot aunty.. chase us down the bus. then when we settled down and started having our breakfast, SHE TELLS US WE WENT DOWN AT THE WRONG STOP. and when she came down with her group, she CHASED US AWAY WITHOUT EVEN APOLOGISING. seriously man.. their management is fucked up. they dont even know where their supposed to go.. and dion and i had to walk all the way to the end of the line, WHICH IS SO BLOODY FAR.. if they knew it was that far, they could have at least requested the bus driver to drop us a little further up right? stupid.. 18/40 volunteers turned up.. so we were seriously short of manpower..

i would like to emphasize on how bad their management system is.. everything is cocked up, and not sychronized properly.. nevermind about the fact that freaking lady's fault about the location.. we were told that there was a last runner quite a distant away. we couldn't stand down because of that. we were already walking back to where we alighted, and we had to go back to our positions cos of the runner.. so when we went back, we saw a safety car and went to ask about it. NO MORE RUNNERS. wtf.. one minute they tell us there's another last runner, and they nv bothered to inform us about the change.. we had to walk so much cos of this stupid problem.. from 1 sector to another.. its like walking from national sailing center to bedok jetty.. JUST TO GATHER WITH ANOTHER GROUP and WAITED SO FREAKING LONG FOR THE BUS. don't get me started on how idiotic the other group's in charge is.. so pissed.. and they dismissed us at padang. wtf.. not even a bus back to tp.. at least there's $20.. WHICH IS STILL DAMN SHIT.. i won't complain about the money. cos i didn't expect getting at all..

enough about the problems. my group mates, were all damn fun. though a couple of them were quite annoying. ah what the heck.. i think i've complained enough.. lol..







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