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what a day..
Sunday, December 14

today was like a mad rush for me.. lol..

made my way to bedok reservoir in the morning for water training.. forgot my inhaler, so i couldn't run much, didn't want to die there.. but i made up for it by running 2 rounds non-stop at the round about.. zz.. we then started doing 1 set of 5km on the T boat with seats on.. hoho.. balancing fun.. many capsized at the 250m marker.. alex freaked out suddenly while i was trying to rescue him, i guess some curious fish nibbled his leg. lol.. took us damn long to do 5km.. but oh well.. rested a bit, and then we did another set of 5km.. damn tired.. plus the weather wasn't helping much despite the short rain.. i'm sunburnt.. zzz.. i skipped the debrief as there was somewhere else i had to transition to.. coach said i paddled well :D just that i need to take note of my strokes..

i brisk walked to the nearest toilet to shower.. yes brisk walked.. i showered so quickly, quickest ever.. and then brisk walked again to meet my mum, who was already waiting for me at the carpark.. i fell asleep, and the next thing i knew, we were at NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.. I was so damn hungry, so my mum drove me to nearby eatery.. SUBWAY FTW!! hoho.. made it just in time for the percussion ensemble.. which lasted no longer than 20 mins. -.- met sy, zm, zw, jun an and jonathan there. had a quick chat then went in.. sister got 2nd.. ah well, as long as their happy, since they've already resigned to fate before they even competed.. lol.. i still don't find the winner's performance very impressive.. -.-

oh i went kayaking yesterday at changi! :D with tekai and maureen (from SAC forum).. haha.. was quite fun.. had my 2nd try on rolling, though failed miserably also.. LOL.. at least i know the technique now, so i can practice.. my hip flick, where's my hip flick?!!! ahh.. after so long not kayaking at the sea, i find it so tiring just to kayak to frog island and back.. weather wasn't too good anyway, the tide was so low, i could stick my paddle into the sand as i paddled..

i drove the musso today, and its not fun at all.. pfft... and i swear, taxi drivers are mostly a bunch of fuckers.. freaking hell...







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