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Happy CNY!
Monday, January 26

It's 1am, reporting live from the messy messy studio of my room. Happy Chinese New Year to all! May your wishes and dreams come true, wish you day day happy, and good health to all! where the ang paos yo?

I spent a good 2 hours earlier on, just to install Avast! Noob, you must be thinking I am, BUT, blame it on the lappy. Shan't go into details, since it's such a happy occasion. =)

Let's see, last minute new year shopping on Saturday was some what fruitful. Roamed the whole of Orchard Road, and spent a bomb . Thanks a lot to the Mother who willingly splurged with me. LOL. She shopped for her own stuff of course.

At one point of time, we walked into Tangs Orchard just to get some air-conditioning, to escape the blazing hot weather outside. As I walked, I realized that, something in there was overwhelming my senses. It was so empowering, I choked. It dawned on me, that I was in the cosmetic department, with all the perfumes and whatnot. Feeling a slight hatred for mixed smell of perfumes, I picked up my walking speed, and raced for the exit. I finally breathed fresh air for what seemed like an eternity. Being in there, felt as if, I was being swallowed alive, slowly being engulfed in the cosmetic department, and never return.

Lol that was a load of crap. Sorry for making you read that. I haven't been working on my assignments, which I swear, I'll start doing first thing in the morning, after I wake up. zzz. Reunion dinner on Friday was great! Another round of reunion tomorrow and tuesday! Yayyy!







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