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Microsoft gathering
Monday, January 5

Met up with the MS temps once again.. Was fun, no doubt. Haha.. A conversation with Sarah, wg and myself, was hilarious. We were talking about who's attached and who's not, which then sparked one of them, to talk about having their own kids, or something like that.

Sarah: "I'll definitely won't get married, so I'll probably visit the sperm bank.."

me and wg: "HUH?!"

*insert some blabbering stuff here, cos i cant remember what we said.. maybe something about looking for cute and smart guys' seeds at the sperm bank, and ang moh or some other racial ethnic. which then reminds me, we were pondering on how they allow you to choose your own kid at the sperm bank. do they have like photos and details of men who contribute their seeds? hmm.. food for thought. lol.*

conversation somehow ended abruptly, and then moves on to talk about the neoprint machine behind...
wg: "How much is that anyway? *refers to neoprint machine*

Sarah: "What? You mean the sperm?"

we then burst out into laughter..

we moved on to take photos in the neoprint machine. I can't even remember the last time i stepped into the machine.. well, all in the name of fun.. we didn't manage to get photos of our own, mainly because, neither of us could understand japanese, so we ended up clicking on options which we didn't know what it is. turns out, that piece of sticker was enough for 1 person only. -.- so we all agreed to let someone take it home to scan, and then forward it to us via email.

I always enjoy outings with them, be it lunch, dinner or supper. I always get a good laugh. It's too bad Amanda's not around. heehee..

I'm currently down with the evil sore throat. MC covered for tomorrow.. =) BUT, I'll use it only if I need it ok.. lol..







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