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Monday, January 19

a huge relief.. huge huge huge relief.. its like a load taken off, immediately after submitted the proposal for BSIT. it's been on my nerves since forever. screw u bsit.. with ecsa next, and everything else.. i'm guessing another weight will be put on my shoulders soon. blahhhh...

i got into subcom for oltc. sadly not the comm i wanted.. but oh well, there's always next year which i will have more time.. at least i finally get a shirt.. LOL..

I GOT MY BIKE FIXED! tanks yining for storage. u are one cool friend for not making me pay for rental. now we can cycle! weee~

what else? oh! CNY is coming, and i've yet to buy my new year goods. lol.. i need money man.. zzz.

3 star course yesterday was fun! though we only did recap on skills, still fun! but the water conditions were terrible.. zz.. 3 star coach was good. very detailed, and strict, which is good! he was telling us that, he would slaughter us if we loose out paddles.. i happened to capsize, and let go of my paddle unknowingly. i was near the shore where he was standing. after i bailed out, he literally grabbed me with the bouyancy vest, and said, "WHERE'S YOUR PADDLE HAR? U WANT ME TO SLAUGHTER U IS IT?!" lol i swear it was damn funny.. now i know how babies feel when they're like hanging in the air.







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