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Friday, January 23

Well, I haven't been updating regularly, mainly because I couldn't find any time I could use to write something. Even if I had 5 minutes of free time, I can hardly put much thought into writing. Now that I've submitted another assignment, and that the new year is just over the weekends, I finally have some time to pen down something, or in this case, type.

The whole week was like hell for all of us. Deadlines after another, getting lost in what we're doing, and adding stress after stress, yeah, was really torturous. Adding on to the torture, was the long hours of one single lesson. I practically napped in every lesson the whole week. Wrong, but that's what I did. If you thought sulking over school is bad enough, the time spent at home was on assignments as well. Just one more month, and the blinking block teaching will be over. One More Freaking Month!

So the day was spent waking up early to rush through the assignment, making last minute changes here and there. And then, there was the professional etiquette workshop which I initially thought was useless, but turn out to be very useful.

Which reminds me, I was greeted with a line of uniformed students at the bus 69 stand. You don't get to see students around at that time. I then realized, it was a half day for all schools! Damn MOE schools. First they pay less bus fares, now they get half days for any public holiday. Ok, so majority of the students filled the bus. I had to make my way through the students, just to get to the back of the bus. None of them, and I mean, NONE of them, had the courtesy to move to the back. Good students eh? The bus driver had to ask them to.

Now that you know that the bus was packed, the bus driver was another weird fella. It was quite obvious that the bus was full, he couldn't possibly let more people up. At one particular bus stop, where it was not possible to enter from the front of the bus, the driver actually opened the back door, to let MORE people enter. *smacks head* Great, I'm already late, why is the driver doing this to me? zz.. As expected, I was late for the workshop.

Anyhow, with my new found spare time before I enter mugging mode again, I'm finally gonna go new year shopping! Yes, new year shopping 2 days before the big day.







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