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come back
Wednesday, February 4

I'm in the school lab, not really listening to what the tutor is saying (selective hearing). It's raining rather heavily now, no wonder it's freezing in the lab. I guess the rain is good, every grass patches out there are turning brown. It's about time it rained, revitalize the grass and bring back the greenery.

The interview today went alright, though I fumbled a lot. Everything else went relatively fine, other than the fact that I crawled out of bed earlier than usual, thanks to this interview and my time slot. Blah, first to go, and I still had to wait for fellow classmates to finish the interview, to have lunch together.

I just got the news from uncle Choon, that coach wants me to go back. I have no idea why they talked about be out of the blue, all I know is that, he wants me to go back for training, and is even giving me "special" privileges. I don't have to run as much, and I don't have to train for sprint kayak. But is it worth the effort to go back? I still love the sea more than the reservoir. I still find it weird, to call me back all of a sudden. I'm finally able to go back to the sea, and fall in love with it again, until this thing happens. blah..

I want a paddle for my birthday. Can anyone be such a dear, to get me one? Preferably one with adjustable ferrule, non-wing paddle, conventional ones to practice skills, something I can use for the sea and whitewater. Thanks!







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