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Monday, February 16

can you for once shut your trap up? must u always announce something i tell u to the whole world? is it that difficult to keep some things to yourself for once? here i am trying to keep a low profile on what i'm doing.. but there u are announcing it to the whole world that i'm doing this. thanks for making it known to me for not telling everyone about it. ya like i want you guys to know, its because i'll know there's results like TODAY! you expect me know to who's interested and who's not? well, i actually do, cos i can tell who will enjoy and who will not, and you guys definitely will not. i freaking regret just talking about it. i only answered out of courtesy because u asked me so many questions. from now on, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shut your pie hole man.. and STOP asking me questions. its really annoying.. u ask questions, and when i talk back, u say i get too mad.. YAH THANKS! just stop.. freaking stop..

i intended to blog about proper issues, but this problem annoyed me and the rest of the day.


dad gave away cooper without letting us know. no wonder the house was so quiet this morning. blah.. i dont deny that i feel a bit pissed at him for doing that, but i can understand why he did so. we can't afford to handle 4 dogs. besides, the father and son fights all the time, which is a huge problem. ah well.. as long as he's at a good place with good company, i'm fine with it. i'm hoping he knows the person he gave cooper to very well.. so we can at least have some doggy meet up of some sort, and not sell it to some random pet store to sell it to some random stranger and what not. we wanted to give him away as a puppy like the rest, but my sister insisted we kept him. end results? she didn't bother going near them. =..=







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