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Friday, February 13

i'm so freaking pissed with nokia, for not releasing my long waited phone yet! bloody hell.. i've seen so many people online anticipating the release of the phone. so why aren't they going to release yet?! i know i know, export shops are already selling.. but i still insist on getting it from nokia shop, as export shops don't provide warranty, whereas the nokia shops do.

ARGH! the worst thing is, i can NEVER get a definite answer on when the release date would be. the first time i went to check on the phone, the salesman told me it'll be out on the beginning of febuary. the second time, another salesman told me 2 weeks time. after 2 weeks, TODAY, i went to check again at a different branch, hoping to get a good news, BUT, they told me it'll be out end of this month.. so i asked, is there any definite date? and the salesgirl shaked her head.

WTF. what the hell is nokia doing man.. holding back the sales of such a good phone waiting to unleash its full potential?! seriously man.. i've been waiting for this phone since december.. and i still cant get a definite date of release.. looks like i'm gonna have to call up and clarify things man.. the staff should know when the release date is, and not give vague answers like, after cny, 2-3 weeks, end of the month, blah blah blah, and after telling us customers these crappy answers, we wait but still not out! i'm so gonna give them a piece of my mind.







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