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artzone part2
Friday, March 20

ok, so i've ended my 2 days job at the Artzone. an art school for kids to express their creativity. it was fun but no doubt tiring. handling kids with dangerous paint, even to disciplining them. blah.. and they can paint for nuts. i had paint all over my hands just helping the younger ones support their artwork. zzz.

"wynthia, can u tell me what's after 100?"
"hundred-ty 1!"

hahaha they're damn cute i tellew.. but there were some who were primary 4 and up, so they're quite capable of talking back, which i hate a lot. -.-

teacher can u help me with this and that? teacher i need more paint! teacher i need to go toilet! teacher i need to wash hands! teacher can i have that snack? teacher i need a drink!

i swear man. i think i went to the toilet a few hundred times in the past 2 days. zzz plus i had to help them press the taps, cos some cannot reach and i had to carry them also. some were heavy.. zz..

the consolation of working there is that, you're too busy to feel bored. we're more of baby sitters or some sort of child care centre.. but doing this once in a while is really fun! i gotta thank aunty margaret for this job. they're quite creative in what they're teaching though, they taught the kids on how to make trophies with recycled bottles. but i had to do major repair works on all of them just incase they go home crying on how ugly they are. -.-

oh and i came across some nice names the kids have. lol. aidan, which i think would look better if it's spelled aaden. ah well..

no photos today. i'm lazy to upload them from my phone.

randome sidetrack. i came across this video from a friend's blog. i think its brilliant. no doubt one of the better short films i've seen. take a look and tell me what u think!







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