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dedicated to OLTC
Sunday, March 15

yes, this post shall be dedicated to OLTC. there's tonnes of pictures to choose from, about 1.5k worth of pictures courtesy of Mr. James, our cameraman.

first things first, LOG COM KAN PUA ZAI OK! let me show u why..
this is us, log com warriors minus christine, who later came back to join us after her lessons.
ok i can't really remember what we were doing, but this was during final clash moments before we, subcoms, were made to move out THANKS to the hockey players.
us subcoms locking on zhikiat. LOL. we all chionged to attack zk. damn funny. we all got 默契 (mo qi) lor..

taken before nightwalk began. Engineering block corridor yo. we is zai. 8) i hope we get the same location again. so i can use my super duper zai move yet again to scare those innocent freshies. PAY BACK TIME YO! no pictures taken during the nightwalk. it is taboo. it was said that someone back then, took a picture during nightwalk, and some "thing" was candided in the photo. which then came nearer and nearer in the picture each time they looked at it. freaked everyone out, nobody dared to do such stupid things again.

ahh. there's too much pictures to put here! u can just go to the following links to look at what things were like during camp!
my side: LINK!
james' side: LINK!
nic soon's side: LINK!

one of the best moments were nightwalk, night performance, and the ever so nice bbq dinner. shiiook~ i guess the only way i can convey the full message on how much fun OLTC was, is just to let u look at the pictures. have fun man. there's a lot there for you.

anyway random picture of the day!
taken at the bbq dinner. cool right?! this is damn good charcoal. 1 small box can last u the whole night. i like the flaming effect on this picture. turned out nicer than i thought it would. commercial camera also good ok (looks at tekai).. LOL.







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