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Monday, March 9

Note, this information is very very useful for those who does water sports. Be it kayaking or swimming or whatever, it's as useful if you are one who swims occasionally or even rarely.


read the news, its too long to copy and paste here, so here's the link.

how to determine a dry drowning situation?
Medical examiners determine that about 15 percent of drowning victims have experienced dry drowning. Whether it is a wet or dry drowning, death occurs due to lack of oxygen or cardiac arrest from a low body temperature. There are certain things that happen during dry drowning, which may be evident upon examination.

Step 1
Determine whether the victim entered a body of water forcefully from a high diving board or slid down a long steep slide. These two activities have been associated with dry drowning. The victim involuntarily suffocates by holding his breath or experiencing a muscle spasm of the larynx.

Decide if it's possible the victim's epiglottis was hit forcefully with droplets of water. This causes the flap to spasm and close over the windpipe. Once it is closed, water and air are unable to enter the lungs.

Notice whether someone is choking or gagging while they are in or around water. It may be an indication that water has hit the epiglottis and caused spasms. This can happen in the water or after leaving the water and usually occurs 6 to 10 minutes after the water hits the epiglottis.

Examine a dry drowning victim, and it may reveal water in the stomach but not in the lungs. Water in the lungs indicates the victim was alive before submersion, but the absence of water indicates dry drowning or death before drowning.

tips and warnings!
The larynx is located at the top of the trachea and consists of muscle, cartilage and the vocal cords. The epiglottis is the flap of cartilage at the base of the tongue, which covers the trachea (windpipe). This flap prevents food and liquids from entering the lungs through the trachea.

The treatment remains the same for all types of drowning, which is to oxygenate the lungs and get breathing started as soon as possible.

taken from http://www.ehow.com/how_2096982_determine-dry-drowning.html


so kids, do be careful when you play with water ya? anyway, there is a difference between swallowing water and breathing in water. swallowing water will bring the water into your stomach and not your lungs, whereas breathing under water unknowingly is what causes dry drowning as the water will enter your lungs. point to note.







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