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Cambodia Day 1
Saturday, April 18

LONG OVERDUE! very very back log. haven't really found the time to talk about the trip, all i could do was just post the slide show. now that i'm back from camp, i can talk about it. like yay! i'll probably split it into 8 or more posts though.

we took a plane to phnom penh via siem reap.
we were then brought to our hotel to check in shortly after arriving in phnom penh. the hotel is called Asia Hotel, and was quite near this shopping center which quite a number of us went crazy over. the moment we saw the hotel, we all felt as if we got conned by the school. lol, cos someone mentioned to us that it was a good hotel, so we could rest more after a day's work. end up it looks more like some sleazy hotel only better. it's acceptable for me la. but the drawback was there wasn't any flask for us to boil water. there's a KFC just at the lobby man.. we went there almost every night. i miss the cheese wedges like siao..
we were then brought to this singaporean apparel factory. it was a sunday, so it wasn't operating. and when it's not operating, there's no ventilation let alone air conditioning. so it was super stuffy inside. Ee kiat was like wet totally. as if someone poured water over him.
we were then brought to this market, which we all felt it was a waste of time cos nothing there suited us. it was mostly appliances and other misc stuff. to make it worst, it was super stuffy.

we then went to the really cool shopping mall near our hotel after that. but we didn't really have the time to shop on our own. we were there merely to buy mineral water cos it's not safe for us to drink from the taps there. so it's sort of a grocery shopping night.

that's it for day 1. i'll continue day 2 and camp stuff when i'm free. time to go sleep now.







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