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Friday, April 10

ANOOP SHOULD BE OUT CAN! he's so forgettable and boringggg! NAAAAAHHHH BEEIIIIIIIII...

but my prediction was spot on.. 8) simon was being an ass as usual.. the others don't usually have a say in whether the contestant should be in or out. why is he always the one making the decision?!! i could tell the girls loved scott's performance. it was great in fact. but aiya.. simon has the foresights. so, whatever.. goodbyeee scott. you will be missed.. bring out your punk side once and for all!

anyway i promised a fun post! and here it is. i've gathered some thoughts about this season's AI. maybe u feel the same way as i do. but i'm gonna share it anyways. first things first, michael buble vs. matt giraud.

omgggggg.. both of them can sing bluesy songs, what more can i say?! even matt's expressions is so similar to michael's. youtube them. and see it yourself.. next up, kelly clarkson vs. allison iraheta

ok maybe not THAT alike, but allison is really like a mini kelly. her powerful voice and all, and at certain angles, she really looked like young kelly.. weird season 8 huh..

i did this similar-comparison-between-famous-and-budding-famous kinda thing for AI7 too. the one with jason castro and john travolta.. whom btw is super alike! my findings this season 8 somehow matches randy jackson's thoughts as well. what can i say? great minds think alike. maybe i can like wear tights and play the electric bass with my hidden talent soon. hoho.

OL refresh today was blah.. blah blah blah.. zzz.. dinner was shiok.. :P

AND I DROVE THE CAR OUT THE WHOLE DAY!! WAHAHAHA!! i find it quite strange, that my mum and dad allowed me to drive the car to school today.. hmmm.. but WHO CARES?! woo~ when there's once, there will be many more to come.. wahahahaha..

ps: this is just for fun, adam lambert vs. squall from FF8. LOL







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