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Sunday, April 12

What a Sunday!

It's quite rare for me to wake up as early as 9am in the morning on a Sunday. On a usual mode, I'll probably be up by 11am, to prepare myself for Erhu lessons. Today was a bit different. My mum woke me up, asking if I wanted to tag along while my dad wanted to look for something, somewhere near the esplanade. Obviously, not to jeopardize my sleep, I said no. Which then followed on by an immediate response, "then you'll have to go for lessons yourself!". hahaha, I woke up at that instance man. LOL. I'm lazy, what can you do about it?

So we ended up at padang area. My dad ended up watching some 3 people doing their taichi thing. =.= boring stuff yeah. So we went to amoy street for lor mee, which was disappointing, according to my dad of course. I'm not a fan of lor mee, so I don't really know what's good and what's not good.

Headed for lessons next. But before that, my teacher told me that he'll be late, so I ended up roaming around Popular, looking for the book that Oprah picked for the book club! I almost gave up looking for it when tadah! it was just there, at the bottom of the shelf. I picked up the sample copy, and read a page of it. Seems nice. I read the reviews at the back, and it was all good. No wonder Oprah picked it. I'm just hoping I would commit myself to finish the book, which hopefully would be the first book I finish reading. HAHA!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Go pick a copy up for yourself if you're interested to know why Oprah picked it as book of the summer. I was curious so I myself got it without any hesitation. I felt quite "wow" to myself the moment I got the book, when was the last time I actually bought a book?

blah. Went walking around the new mall at bugis, the iluma. It's disappointing man. The interior design is just wrong. The usage of space is so weird. They could have used most of the empty space to make up for more shops. Instead, making such a big area, with small shops, ends up with an empty feel. It's too airy, and probably echoes when nobody's around. Oh and the elevator, whuttt? First level all the way up to the fourth level? There's no other way up except the lift! You'll have to make rounds to come down just because of that particular long stretch. Ultimate failure I must say.







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