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wish you were here!
Thursday, April 2

greetings from cambodia!

everything's great here! the people.. the weather.. the food is alright.. but i hate the traffic.

the high school students were great. today was the last day we spent in the school out of 3 days. it was sad to leave, but we had no choice. we bonded so much just these 3 days. everyone here is so generous. so hospitable..

and i realised, singaporeans are nothing compared to these people. we can only paper chase, but the locals here knows everything and anything! i'm so envious. humble and all..

they gave us gifts as token of appreciation/ souvenir. they all gave it individually. makes me feel so guilty not preparing more than enough, and instead buying bulks to give the school.. zzz. but the trip so far is damn worth it. i'm not regretting as yet..

i'm turning vegetarian soon, cos every meal here has more vege than meat. lol. but kang kong ftw!

i'm enjoying myself here. the food is getting better and better each day. had hotpot last night, and formal dinner earlier on at the intercontinental hotel cambodia. shiok to the max. but the food wasnt so impressive as it sounded for intercontinental. ah well..

oh there's this shopping mall just 2 streets away from the hotel i'm staying at. its shiok please.. can fight with thailand. too bad i've only had 1 hr of shopping time there. not even enough to cover 1 level. zzz.. more to come tomorrow! gonna visit the killing field, genecite museum, and russian market, and more shopping places. wooo!!

alright i gtg now. before the cambodians here bug me to pay for internet. see u soon!

loves, \m/







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