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photo trip
Wednesday, May 6

I had a mini photo trip with Yining today. Great chance for me to finish up my film. So I braved the hot sun (actually no, my mum gave me a lift on her way out), went straight to her place to borrow her bike. The next thing we knew, we were fighting our lives to cycle uphill against the wind. It was windy, very windy, so windy that I felt a resistance in every paddle I made on the bike. With our energy sucked out from all the paddling against the wind, we found ourselves at Starbucks.

And we saw Vincent Ng. The Wushu master. He drives a C-class wor! *envies..

Gone with the wind, we took photos at various spots. As mad as it sounds, we even tried taking photos while cycling. Like what the heck? We couldn't care less for the unfortunate souls infront of us, who could have just crashed into us anytime. Was quite an experience, all the emptiness at the park, the wind, the sun, pure awesomness.

I think a mosquito bit my eyelid while I was having a nap on the floor, yes the floor.

Random switch of topic, how's the Swine been treating you guys? The school's claimed to be stricter on temperature taking, but it doesn't feel any stricter to me. We're not fined for not bringing our thermometer, we can still roam about the school without our sticker. Don't get me wrong, I'm not not against the fine, just that I feel the school should be more stringent in what they hope to achieve. By providing temperature check booths, do you think students like me would bother purchasing a thermometer? I'm 100% Singaporean, mind you. I go for free stuff as well.

For starters, the stupid school can like install the temperature scanning thing like what the airports or where ever are doing. Engineering school has one, why can't ITAS? So much for being IIT school, we're still using some forehead thermometer thing. Some of my friends can still think it's hightech enough to use infrared scanners to record our temperature. pfft~

Makes me wonder AGAIN, why we're paying so much school fees for.

But it's a good thing that Singapore's making the swine's flu such a big deal. It's because of our/their "kiasi-ness", that makes Singapore still relatively safe. Hooray for Mr. Kiasu and Kiasi!

Oh, I'm quite bummed out that Heroes Volume 4 has ended already. God knows when volume 5 will be released. =(







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