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4B gathering
Sunday, June 14

wonderful evening with the 4B friends. Been a year since i last met of them altogether, and i kinda enjoyed it. a lot of changes i see, for good and for bad. oh well.. that's life.. but they never fail to make me smile or laugh or whatever. haha...

now i can really see how army can change someone. jia jun just passed out from BMT, and seem to have changed, and not like the old jj anymore. i dunno.. attitude wise.. though he still smokes blah blah blah what have you. he's just a different person now. heh. hopefully my brother will just mature in army. jj said BMT can really torture if someone isn't fit at all.. and my bro is unfit. -.-

oh listening to avenue Q soundtrack while cycling in ECP during the day, is quite interesting. haha. happy tunes and sunny windy day, really made me smile and i dont really know why..

today is happy day.

oh yesterday was like shopping spree. mainly cos it was my sister's birthday, so i kinda chen ji. 8) but quite a good steal for us. got myself a puma jacket at $24, 70% off yo.. old model, but who cares, its nice. a shirt from pull and bear at $18, quite nice. and finally a shoe from everlast at i think $35 after 20% discount. like i finally got myself a new pair of shoes. -.- my parents and sister got a few stuffs also.. GSS rocks can..







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