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Random Musings
Thursday, June 18

I'm gonna make a quick blog, and then proceed to bathe. I smell like my dogs now.

Just caught Oprah, and it was about sperm donors and their unknown kids who wants to know who their father is, but ends up finding their own siblings and freaking themselves out. yup. No doubt, it's their right to know where they come from. But, is it that easy to find your dad?

Or alternatively, if you're the dad looking for your kids, how the heck are you gonna find them?! There was like this guy on set, he was saying that back when he was in his late teens (or early twenties, can't remember), he actually donated his sperm 3 times a week, just for the money. LOL! And guess how long he did that? 4 YEARS!! If I remembered correctly, he earned about $16,000. Seriously, like how?

They then blah blah blah-ed about some of the children there on the set, not being able to find their dad, and boo hoo hoo-ing about wanting to know their rights, or where they're from. Not interested.

By the way, whatever happened to Aces day? The one where everybody exercises together.. hmm..

Anyway, the more interesting part is, 2 half siblings found each other. They have the same father/donor aka donor #46. They found each other off some search site, and started emailing each other for 3 months before they met. They live less than 30 miles away, coincidentally like the same stuff ie. French, and strangely, look REALLY alike. They can even pass off as twins.

So cool right?

The problem with sperm banks is, you can have many people donating sperms most probably for a good cause. But it never crosses their mind that they can have like hundreds of kids without their knowing. The number of unknown real fathers in kids, can really grow up to millions if this thing isn't handled properly.

Food for thought..







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