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Transformers: Revenge of the fallen
Monday, June 29

I don't care what everyone's negative comments they have on transformers 2. I've seen it, and it's more incredible than the incredibles!

cool shit i tell you.. cool shit.. the long wait for this show paid off..

random conversation i had with michelle after the show, we were in the toilet.

Michelle, "Woah, it's freaking cool man!"

Me, "what? the toilet?"


14 people, from iitsc, in 1 theatre, is cool.


worked 2 days for singtel, giving out flyers. Thanks Val, kangyan and siewlin for the job. damn frigging tiring sialxz. and val is good at this job. she gives out flyers like 10 times faster than me. but ya, point is. clementi is not a fun place to be. =.=

firstly, val got scolded by some aunty just because she was working. lol, funny i must say. "xiao mei ah~ you're so young! why are you working and not studying in school? if it weren't for you being so young, i wouldn't even take it!" . it was a saturday. and she took from me as well today. HAHA!

secondly, the people at clementi (more towards the uncles and aunties) are super realistic. see the flyer (without taking it mind you), $0, "免费啊?" or "free phone ah?" or even if they did take the flyer, they would then ask the same questions and then say, "oh, must sign contract, then dont want la". AND THEN they'll return u the flyer. wtfish..

thirdly, people at clementi not very friendly ah. they don't seem to know how to smile. of cos there were the minorities who are really nice. but some are just so dao. For eg, you hand out the flyer to them, they'll just stare into it, and walk pass you without even saying no thanks, or at least give a sign that you don't need it. some, pretend to look at something else when they approach you, while some will just naturally detour to further off their route just to avoid you. ya thanks ah. made my job much easier.

lastly, placing us at some random NTUC, not very good la.. they all come out with so many bags in their hands, how to take flyer? -.- plus they all like to walk around that area and i don't know why. i see so many repeated faces. urgh..

oh and for some reasons, the company super cheapo. they actually want the shirt back. wth.







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