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Thursday, July 2

I've been lacking discipline lately. like really lacking it. have not done things properly, and have not done the things i wanted to be done..

one thing is, i haven't been kayaking for almost 2 months. 2 months is 8 weeks. considering the fact that i kayak almost every week before i stopped, 8 weeks is a lot. i'm turning flabby. and turning lazy, and i'm losing my tan. sheesh. i wanna go on saturday, but nobody can. gosh.. i'm missing the sun, the sea and the dancers. i've yet to take my 3 star assignment, i've yet to be able to do rolls with 50% success rate. i'm still at 1% mind you..

urgh.. procrastination.. i just wanna go back to sea..

second thing. i have my napfa test tomorrow. and i've not trained for it at all. i kept telling myself to go run and run and run and train, nothing happens in the end. my self motivation is like super lousy. pray i don't die during the test.

third thing. i have not met my pals for a very long time. and i dont even remember the last time we met. grr.. i'm not busy at all, its just that everyone thinks i am, and i have no idea why. FLENS!! JIO ME OUT! I'M TURNING EMO SOON JUST FROM STAYING AT HOME OR AT SCHOOL THE WHOLE DAY! sip starting soon. i just need to get out and laugh..

random video conferencing with mich and james now. while i wait for the videos to upload on photobucket. seems like i'll have to leave the laptop on through the night.







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